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    Car Rental in Iceland

    Car Hire in Iceland

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    Find great offers and deals on car hire and rental in Iceland. Rent your car from the best in worldwide and secure car hire companies

    When renting a car in Iceland you will first have to choose what type of vehicle you want for example: Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-Size, Premium, Luxury, Minivans / MPVs or other vehicles such as trucks and special vehicles.

    Rent your car from the following cities - Akureyri, Borgarnes, Egilsstadir, Hofn, Isafjordur, Keflavik, Reykjavik, Saudarkrokur, Car Hire Vestmannaeyjar and others.

    Book Your Car Rental in Iceland From:

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    Easycar - Rent a car the easy way with Easycar who search 214 car hire companies at over 28000 worldwide locations. Try Easycar for holiday car hire and they even offer a price guarantee.

    Driving in Iceland is on the right-side of the road. Headlights and seatbelts for all passengers must be on at all times. There are excellent car hire desks from Hertz and Avis in the airport, as well as a local company, Alp. Hiring a car can be extremely expensive, especially for four-wheel-drives. Renting cars on-location is almost never cheaper than doing so in advance.

    Be aware that car rentals - also at the airports - are not open around the clock.

    There is one main highway, Route 1-Ring Road, that encircles the country. If traveling around the country,the gas tank should be kept near full because stations can be 100-200km apart. Also, because of Iceland's everchanging weather, one should keep extra food and know where guesthouses/hotels are located in case of a road closure.

    Most mountain roads are closed until the end of June, or even longer because of wet and muddy conditions which make them totally impassable. When these roads are opened for traffic many of them can only be negotiated by four wheel drive vehicles. The roads requiring four wheel drive (and possibly snow tires) are route numbers with an "F" prefix, e.g. F128.

    Icelandic roads are adequate or at least tolerable if you are driving in populated areas. The interior of the country is a different matter and a good four-wheel drive vehicle is essential even if you stay to the "roads", you might have to cross many rivers and fords, some of which can be over 4 feet (1.2m) deep - especially if it has been raining.

    A word of warning is in order: With the growing number of tourists on the Icelandic roads it has become evident that the roads are dangerous for the visitors. Please be careful! The number of drivers that lose control of hired cars on the gravel roads is disproportionately high. And the accidents are sadly too often fatal.

    There are two signs that foreigners should pay attention to. First, "malbik endar" means that the road changes from a paved road to a gravel road. Slow down before these changes, for one can lose control easily. Also "einbrei­ br˙" means that a one-lane bridge is approaching. Arrive at the bridge slowly and assess the situation. If another car has arrived at the bridge first allow them the right-of-way.

    If you are travelling by road a great site to check is the Iceland Meteorological Office who have an excellent set of pages including the weather and driving conditions on all of the main roads.

    The DUI limit in Iceland is 0.05%.

    Driving in Iceland is an amazing experience - the changing landscapes are unlike anything else in the world. Pay attention to the driving rules and you will have a wonderful time.