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Algerian Destinations

  • Timimoun - Algeria
  • Oran
  • Ain Sefra
  • Gharadaia
  • Amsel - Algeria
  • Tindouf - Algeria
  • Skikda - Algeria
  • Annaba - Algeria
  • Bordj Bou Arreridj
  • Batna - Algeria
  • Bou Saada
  • Touggourt
  • Hassi Messaoud
  • Algiers - Algeria

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    Most of the coastal area is hilly, sometimes even mountainous, and there are few good harbours. The area just south of the coast, known as the Tell, is fertile. Further south is the Atlas mountain range and the Sahara desert. Algiers, Oran and Constantine are the main cities.

    Algeria's climate is arid and hot, although the coastal climate is mild, and the winters in the mountainous areas can be severe. Algeria is prone to sirocco, a hot dust- and sand-laden wind especially common in summer.

    Brief History of Algeria

    Algeria has been inhabited by Berbers (or Imazighen) since at least 10,000 BC. From 1000 BC on, the Carthaginians became an influence on them, establishing settlements along the coast. Berber kingdoms began to emerge, most notably Numidia, and seized the opportunity offered by the Punic Wars to become independent of Carthage, only to be taken over soon after by the Roman Republic in 200 BC. As the western Roman Empire collapsed, the Berbers became independent again in much of the area, while the Vandals took over parts until later expelled by the generals of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian I. The Byzantine Empire then retained a precarious grip on the east of the country until the coming of the Arabs in the 8th century.

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    Public Holidays in Algeria
    New Year's Day - January 1
    Ashura - February 9
    Revolution Day - March 8
    Evacuation Day - April 17
    Labour Day - May 1
    Martyrs' Day - May 6
    Commemoration Day -June 19
    Independence Day - July 5
    Egypt's Revolution Day - July 23
    Union of Syria, Egypt, and Libya - September 1
    The beginning of the 1973 October War - October 6
    Anniversary of the Revolution - November 1
    National Day - November 16
    Christmas Day - December 25