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Located in the North of South America (4 00 N, 72 00 W) and part of Caribbean South America. The only South American country with coast in both oceans (Atlantic or Caribbean Sea with 1,760 kilometres (1,094 mi) and Pacific Ocean with 1,448 kilometres (900 mi). Borders: North with the Caribbean Sea (sea borders with Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic). West with Panama (225 km / 140 mi) and sea borders with Costa Rica both in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and Guatemala. South with Ecuador (590 km / 118 mi), Peru (1,496 km / 930 mi) and Brazil (1,643 km / 1,021 mi). East with Brazil and Venezuela (2,050 km / 1,274 mi). Colombia has a total area of 1,138,910 square kilometres (439,736 sq. mi) being the fourth biggest country in South America after Brazil, Argentina and Peru and the seventh one in the American Continent. From this area, the land has 1,038,700 square kilometres (401,044 sq. mi) and the water area has 100,210 square kilometres (38,691 sq. mi). It has also an archipelago in the Caribbean sea (San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina) that forms the territory of the department San Andrés y Providencia.

Mainland territory divided into four major geographic regions: Andean highlands (composed of three mountain ranges and intervening valley lowlands); Caribbean lowlands; Pacific lowlands; and Ilanos and tropical rainforest of eastern Colombia. Colombia also possesses small islands in both Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Striking variety in temperature resulting principally from differences in elevation; little seasonal variation. Habitable areas consist of hot (below 900 m / 2,950 ft in elevation), temperate (between 900 & 1,980 m or 2,950 & 6,500 ft), and cold (from 1,980 m to about 3,500 m or from 2,950 ft to 11,500 ft) climatic zones. Precipitation generally moderate to heavy, with highest levels in Pacific lowlands and in parts of eastern Colombia; considerable year-to-year variations recorded.

The Andes range is located in Colombia from Southwest (Ecuador boarder) toward Northeast (Venezuela boarder) and is divided in the Colombian Massif (Macizo Colombiano) in three ranges (East Range, Centre Range and West Range) that form two long valleys, Magdalena and Cauca follow by the rivers of the same name. The highest mountain in Colombia is not in the Andes but in the Caribbean plain: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with its highest points named Pico Cristobal Colon (5,775 m or 18,947 ft) and Pico Simon Bolivar (same elevation).

The eastern part of Colombia, comprising more than half its territory, is plain and composed by savanna and rainforest, crossed by rivers belonging to the Amazon and Orinoco basins. The northern part, called "Los Llanos" is a savanna region, mostly in the Orinoco basin (therefore called also Orinoquía). The southern part, usually called Amazonía, is covered by the Amazon rain forest and belongs mostly to the Amazon basin.

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Public Holidays in Colombia
New Year's Day - January 1
Epiphany - January 8 (p)
Saint Joseph's Day - March 19 (p)
Maundy Thursday - April 5
Good Friday - April 6
Labor Day - May 1
Ascension Day - May 21
Corpus Christis Day - June 11
Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart Day) - June 18
Saints Peter and Paul's Day - July 2 (p)
Independence Day - July 20
Battle of Boyaca Day - August 7
Assumption Day - August 20 (p)
Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day) - October 15 (p)
All Saint's Day - November 5 (p)
Cartagena Independence Day - November 12 (p)
Immaculate Conception Day - December 8
Christmas Day - December 25