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Situated in the southwestern part of mainland North America and roughly triangular in shape, Mexico stretches more than 3,000 kilometres (1,875 mi) from northwest to southeast. Its width is varied, from more than 2,000 kilometres (1,250 mi) in the north and less than 220 kilometres (137 mi) at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the south.

Mexico is bordered by the United States to the North, and Belize and Guatemala to the Southeast. Baja California in the west is a 1,250 kilometre (775 mi) peninsula and forms the Gulf of California. In the east are the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Campeche, which is formed by Mexico's other peninsula, the Yucatán. The center of Mexico is a great, high plateau, open to the north, with mountain chains on the east and west and with ocean-front lowlands lying outside of them. (See list of mountains in Mexico). Mexico is about one-fourth the size of the United States.

The terrain and climate vary from rocky deserts in the north to tropical rain forest in the south. Mexico's major rivers include the Río Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande) and the Usumacinta on its northern and southern borders, respectively, together with the Grijalva, Balsas, Pánuco, and Yaqui in the interior. The Tropic of Cancer effectively divides the country into temperate and tropical zones. Land north of the twenty-fourth parallel experiences cooler temperatures during the winter months. South of the point, temperatures are fairly constant year round and vary solely as a function of elevation.

On September 19, 1985, an earthquake measuring approximately 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Michoacán and inflicted severe damage on Mexico City. Estimates of the number of dead range from 6,500 to 30,000 (see 1985 Mexico City earthquake).

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Public Holidays in Mexico
January 1 - New Year's Day
February 5 - Anniversary of the Constitution
March 19 - Benito Juarez Day
April 5 - Maundy Thursday*
April 6 - Good Friday*
April 8 - Easter*
May 1 - Labour Day
September 16 - Independence Day
November 2 - All Soul's Day*
November 19 - Revolution Day
December 12 - Virgin of Guadalupe*
December 25 - Christmas Day

Mexicans have a somewhat relaxed sense of time, so be patient with them. Don't lose your temper if they arrive 15 minutes later than scheduled. However, if it's more than 30 minutes, you should be concerned.

The overwhelming majourity of the population is Roman Catholic, which derives in many Mexicans being deeply religious and conservative in character. Be careful when you bring up issues such as homosexuality, specially in small towns, but it should not be that much of a problem in large citities. When entering churches, always take off any sunglasses, caps or hats. Wearing shorts is not a problem at all but it's suggested to tie a sweatshirt or sweater to your waist so to avoid showing too much skin, which could be disrespectful in such places. Although, away from the beaches or northern areas, shorts are very rare amongst Mexicans as pants are more proper, and thus will attract more attention to yourself.

Respect Mexico's laws. Some foreigners feel that Mexico is a place where laws can be broken and the police bribed at all times. While corruption may be common amongst Mexican police, it is extremely disrespectful for foreign nationals to behave in such a manner, and could be an excuse for the police to give you "a respect lesson". Remember, offering a bribe to an official could get you into even more trouble unless he demands it.

Do not be offended to be called "güero" (blonde) and its diminutive form "güerito" (blondie), as its a common way for the average mexican citizens to refer mostly to caucasian people. The words "gringo" and its synonym "gabacho" are used in spite of the actual nationality of the tourists and are not to be taken as offensive nouns.

If invited into a home, don't go barefoot in the house at any time of day or night (except in private).

Watch your language, in Mexico (unlike a few countries in South America) "estúpido" means far, far worse than "stupid" in English. While the famous word "güey" is equivalent to "dude" or "mate", avoid using it unless you have plenty of confidence with a person, and never ever use strong language when talking to a female.