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Flight Time to Pakistan from the UK
Approx 7 Hours 40 Min from London to Karachi.

Pakistan covers 880,254 square kilometres (340,022 sq mi), approximately the combined land areas of France and the United Kingdom, with its eastern regions located on the Indian tectonic plate and the western and northern regions on the Iranian plateau and Eurasian landplate. Apart from the 1,046 kilometre (650 mi) Arabian Sea coastline, Pakistan's land borders total 6,774 kilometres-2,430 kilometres (1,510 mi) with Afghanistan to the northwest, 523 kilometres (325 mi) with China to the northeast, 2,912 kilometres (1,809 mi) with India to the east and 909 kilometres (565 mi) with Iran to the southwest.

The different types of natural features range from the sandy beaches, lagoons, and mangrove swamps of the southern coast to preserved moist temperate forests and the icy peaks of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains in the north. Many of the mountains, including K2 and Nanga Parbat are over 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) high and covered in snow and glaciers. Linking the two areas and running the length of the country is the Indus River and its many tributaries. To the west of the Indus are the dry, hilly deserts of Balochistan; to the east are the rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Most areas of Punjab and parts of Sindh are fertile plains where agriculture is of great importance.

The climate varies as much as the scenery with very cold winters and hot summers in the north and a mild maritime-influenced climate in the south. The central parts have extremely hot summers with temperatures rising to 45 C (113 F), followed by very cold winters, often falling below freezing. There is very little rainfall ranging from less than 250 millimetres to more than 1,250 millimetres (9.8-49.2 in), mostly brought by the unreliable south-westerly monsoon winds during the late summer. Water shortages have been eased by the construction of dams on the rivers and the sinking of water wells in many drier areas.

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Public Holidays in Pakistan
23 March - Pakistan Day
1 May - Labour Day
14 August - Independence Day
6 September - Defence of Pakistan Day
11 September - Anniversary of the Death of Qaid-i-Azam
9 November - Birthday of Allama Iqbal (National Poet)
25 December - Christmas Day (Christians only) and the Birthday of Qaid i-Azam (general holiday)
26 December - Boxing Day (Christians only)

Visa Requirements for Pakistan
Entry requirements for UK nationals: UK nationals require a visa and a valid passport.
Passport valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay required by all nationals of the UK.

While Pakistan is a fairly stable and welcoming country you should always seek advice about off-limits areas before coming.

Avoid at all costs anything even slightly resembling a protest, as these can become violent very quickly, as demonstrated by the Muhammad cartoon riots in Lahore and elsewhere, and Western interests and individuals are occasionally targeted.

Stay away from tribal areas and the sensitive Afghan border regions as the Pakistan goverment has little to no authority in these areas and cannot aid you in an emergency. If traveling in the south of the country seek advice from tourist offices and embassies about which areas are safe and not... travel to large portions of the southern states is not advisable or requires an armed escort.

It's wise to avoid conversation about religion, and if you find yourself in one, be reserved and tactful - saying anything percieved as negative about Islam is technically punishable by death.