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Flight Time to Sri Lanka from the UK
Approx 10 Hours from London.

The island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal. It is separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait.

According to Hindu mythology, a land bridge to the Indian mainland, known as Rama's Bridge, was constructed during the time of Rama. Often referred to as Adam's Bridge, it is now mostly submerged, with only a chain of limestone shoals remaining above sea level. According to temple records, this natural causeway was formerly complete, but was breached by a violent storm (probably a cyclone) in 1480.

The pear-shaped island consists mostly of flat-to-rolling coastal plains, with mountains rising only in the south-central part. Amongst these are Sri Pada and the highest point Pidurutalagala (also known as Mt Pedro), at 2,524 meters (8,281 ft). The Mahaweliganga and other major rivers provide fresh water.

The climate is tropical, characterized by monsoons: the northeast monsoon lasts from December to March, the southwest June to October. The lowest gravitational field on Earth lies just off the coast of Sri Lanka.

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There's a wealth of wildlife on the island. Meet the elephants in the national parks and at the elephant sanctuary, and go birdwatching in the rainforest of Sinharaja. To cool down, head for the atmospheric old hill stations. During Jul/Aug, the 10-day Kandy Perahera Pageant provides a scintillating and colourful spectacle of acrobats, performers and decorated elephants. It's a romantic island, beloved of honeymooners, where you can get married with the unique backdrop of an ancient city's atmospheric ruins. When you've consumed the sights, leave some room for the food. Delicious cuisine includes typical Sri Lankan curry made with chilli, coconut and cinnamon. Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western fare is also readily available. The tea is, of course, top quality (you might like to take some home, along with batiks, ceramics and silver jewellery). Arrack, made from fermented palm-tree sap, is a potent local brew!

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To think of Sri Lanka, you imagine long sandy beaches, plodding elephants and colourfully dressed women picking tea while sharing the day's gossip. Well, it's exactly how you pictured it. From Sri Lanka's ancient name Serendib comes our word serendipity, meaning 'happy and unexpected discovery'. There's no better way to describe it - friendly people, cultural delights and fascinating temples, not to mention amazing wildlife. It's a tropical holiday paradise. -

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With its beaches, temples and wildlife, Sri Lanka has much to offer, whether you just want to relax on the sand or take in ancient ruins and a variety of towns, cities and lush scenery. A great place for couples and families, such a beautiful island as this is also delightful for weddings and honeymoons. As well as a selection of beach hotels and some unique rural properties, we offer a choice of tours to help you discover more, all of which combine perfectly with a beach stay.Take the short flight over to the Maldives for an island getaway.

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The heroes of Horace Walpole's fairy tale Three Princes of Serendib had the happy knack of stumbling across marvellous situations entirely by chance, gifting the English language the term 'serendipity'. Their country is now known as Sri Lanka, and never was a word more appropriately coined. Marvellous situations - breathtaking views, magical experiences and friendly encounters - abound in this Indian Ocean paradise.

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Public Holidays in Sri Lanka
03 January Wednesday - Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day
15 January Monday - Tamil Thai Pongal Day
01 February Thursday - Navam Full Moon Poya Day
04 February Sunday - - National Day
16 February Friday - Mahasivarathri Day
03 March Saturday - Medin Full Moon Poya Day
01 April Sunday - Milad-Un-Nabi (Holy Prophet's Birthday)
02 April Monday - Bak Full Moon Poya Day
06 April Friday - Good Friday
13 April Friday - Day prior to Sinhala &Tamil New Year
14 April Saturday - Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
01 May Tuesday - May Day
01 May Tuesday - Wesak Full Moon Poya Day
02 May Wednesday - Day following Wesak Poya Day
31 May Thursday - Adhi Poson Full Moon Poya Day
30 June Saturday - Poson Full Moon Poya Day
29 July Sunday - Esala Full Moon Poya Day
28 August Tuesday - Nikini Full Moon Poya Day
26 September Wednesday - Binara Full Moon Poya Day
13 October Saturday - Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival Day)
25 October Thursday - Vap Full Moon Poya Day
08 November Thursday - Deepavali Festival Day
24 November Saturday - Il Full Moon Poya Day
21 December Friday - Id-Ul-Alha (Hadji Festival Day)
23 December Sunday - Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day
25 December Tuesday - Christmas Day

Visa Requirements for Sri Lanka
Entry requirements for UK nationals: British citizens require a passport valid for at least two months beyond the expiry date of the visa, which is issued on arrival at Colombo airport allowing for a touristic stay of up to 30 days. A return ticket or proof of onward travel is also required.

The most common mode of transport in Sri Lanka is via a three-wheeled automobile appropriately referred to as a three-wheeler. Also known as Tuk-Tuks from the noise of their motors. These operate in a manner similar to taxis, and is a highly cost-efficient way to get around. Other modes of transport include renting cars (which often come with their own drivers). Often the automobile itself is free, whereas the driver will charge a small fee for his services. Some chauffeur/guides are government-licensed; some are extremely knowledgeable and multi-lingual, specialising in historical and cultural knowledge, and environment/natural history for your visits to the ancient sites and the natural reserves.

For those on a budget buses are everywhere. They're ridiculously crowded and massively uncomfortable, but they get you around for almost nothing; it costs about a dollar to get half-way across the island. If you're planning on splashing out, AC buses run most routes for twice the price, which offer air-conditioning and a guaranteed seat. However, they're still uncomfortable. Bus stations are confusing places, especially the big ones, but almost everyone will be delighted to practice their English and help you.

Trains also run in some places - these are slower than buses but more comfortable and picturesque. The Railway system in Sri Lanka is very picturesque when entering the hill country because of the winding tracks along the mountains especially on the Badullu-Nanu Oya line. Sri Lanka has an extensive railway system serving all major towns and cities in the island except for the North and the East. There are special Observation cars for tourists that like to take in the scenary.

Violent crime is not a serious problem for tourists in Sri Lanka. As in most tourist locations, beware of pickpockets, and don't leave valuables unguarded. Women should not be alone at night on the beach or streets. There has been a slight increase in violent crimes involving tourists in the past few years, but it is still rare.

The Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels do not target tourists, although in very rare instances, a few tourists have been wounded (mostly minor) by terrorist actions, while a somewhat larger number have witnessed and been frightened by them. Historically, the Tamils have had a close relationship with the British, and are not anti-Western. It's believed that the Tigers would prefer to have no Western or foreign casualties, and they have planned their operations accordingly. In general, traffic accidents should be a much greater concern than terrorism. There is heavy security in all sensitive locations, and together with the country's long experience in dealing with it would probably make any radical Islamist or foreign terrorism less likely than elsewhere. In addition, Sri Lanka has good relations with all nearby countries (who aren't always at peace with each other) and internationally as well. One block on the inland side of Galle Road in Kollupitiya (across from the US embassy & British High Commission) is closed to pedestrians in front of the Prime Minister's residence (called The Temple Trees). This may not be well marked on the southern side.

It's advised that tourists not travel to areas under control of the Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels. Some areas may contain land mines, and the facilities in cities and towns are war torn. Military action by the government is also possible. It is highly unlikely, though, that someone could inadvertently go into a war zone due to the large number of government checkpoints. Such areas are far distant from places tourists normally visit. Note though, it is common to see well-armed soliders on the streets, main highways and airport.

Con artist and touts are a serious problem throughout all tourist areas. Using the services of a tout for accommodation, local travel, etc. will most likely increase the price. Do not believe anyone who claims to be a professional (e.g. airline pilot), or in charge of a location (like a bus terminal) without proof. Scams involving gemstones are common. Do not buy with the intention of selling them in your home country for a profit. Also, beware of single males who wish you to accompany them after a religious service. First, ask other members if the person is honest and reliable. Dishonest Sri Lankans (mostly male) are very adept at talking tourists out of their money, and generally prefer this method over violence.

Although snake bites are extremely rare among tourists (comparable to being struck by lightning), anyone bitten should seek prompt medical care. This is true even if the bite doesn't result in any pain and swelling.