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    Find great offers and deals on car hire and rental. Rent your car from the best in worldwide and secure car hire companies.

    Rental cars are generally recent model cars that are available in exchange for a fee, for periods typically ranging from a day to a week or longer. Rental cars can often be found in Rental Car Centers typically found near airports and ports. Charges are usually based on the agreed rental time with a driving distance limit.

    When renting a car you will first have to choose what type of vehicle you want for example: Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-Size, Premium, Luxury, Minivans / MPVs or other vehicles such as trucks and special vehicles.

    When booking a car, the following points should be made clear:

    1) Airport Surcharge - All car hire companies have to pay an airport a fee when hiring a car and this surcharge is sometimes passed on to the customer. So make sure this is included in a quote when you book.

    2) On collection of a car, a full valid driving licence and identification is required. Any age restrictions will be checked.

    3) Car rental companies charge for periods of 24 hours. Late returns can be subject to an additional charge, so also make sure you book a car with hours and dates within 24 hour units.

    4) Damage Waiver or "super Cover" is often offered. It is also possible to purchase insurance from an independent insurance agent that will cover you for damage caused to the car. Third Party Insurance is nearly always included in the quote but you will not be covered for yourself or the vehicle. Check the terms carefully.

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    Below you will find further car hire offers.

    Normally, rental companies have offices in major cities, plus airports, large seaports and large train stations.

    Price is normally calculated by number of days. The more days you take, the less you pay per day. Usually, price decreases on the following points: 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 7 days.

    If you have signed a contract for N days, but returned the car later, normally price per day is applied from your contract, not based on your actual duration of rent.

    Price for durations less than a day normally are not regulated, so it always takes bargaining.

    Insurance, Deposit and Waiver
    Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Liability Waiver limits your responsibilty to rental company in case of collision or theft respectively. Waivers are also called franchise. Technically, waiver is not an insurance--we need help here in understanding how they are different.

    To ensure holiday makers and tourists will pay a waiver, rental companies take a deposit of you in either of two forms:

    Make a paper slip of your credit card asking you to sign the slip without any amount stated on it at the moment of signing; ready to give the slip back to you upon normal return of the car.

    Freeze some amount on your card (deposit; not necessary equal to franchise amount). Ask at the moment of rental how large the deposit will be, and expect the amount to be unfreezed on your credit card weeks after you have returned the car.

    Neither franchise amount nor deposit amount is officially fixed in any contract, this is based on your trust to rental company.

    Third party insurance is normally included in the car hire price but still chack and pay for fully comp if not offered.

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