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    Car Rental in Malaysia

    Car Hire in Malaysia

    Click here for car hire offers in Malaysia.

    Find great offers and deals on car hire and rental in Malaysia. Rent your car from the best in worldwide car hire companies

    When renting a car in Malaysia you will first have to choose what type of vehicle you want for example: Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-Size, Premium, Luxury, Minivans / MPVs or other vehicles such as trucks and special vehicles.

    Book Your Car Rental in Malaysia From:

    Holiday Autos - Book cheap car rental in the UK, Europe and Worldwide from Holiday Autos
    Easycar - Rent a car the easy way with Easycar who search 214 car hire companies at over 28000 worldwide locations. Try Easycar for holiday car hire and they even offer a price guarantee.

    Malaysia has an excellent highway network, culminating in the North-South Expressway from Singapore all the way to the Thai border. Petrol is cheap at a little over RM1.92/litre, but tolls are payable on expressways.

    Traffic drives on the left.

    Beware of reckless motorcyclists, especially at night. At traffic lights, they will accumulate in front of you. Let them get away first to avoid accidents.

    In general, cars and motorcycles might not always indicate line changes and often change from the far right to the far left at the very last minute. Always be aware of what the cars in front are doing!

    Care is needed when driving in larger cities, such as Kuala Lumpur. Problems include apparently suicidal motorcyclists, massive traffic jams throughout the day, and bewildering roads especially in the older parts of the city where planning is virtually nonexistent. Out of town however, cars and motorcycles are the best and sometimes the only way to explore the country. Some of the more rural areas have motorcycles and scooters to rent for as little as RM25/day, a great way to explore the local area or larger islands like Langkawi.

    To avoid the hassle of driving, taxis are a good way of getting around. They are available in major towns and cities but are most abundant in Kuala Lumpur and its suburbs. Taxis in Kuala Lumpur and its suburbs are metered but when demand exceeds supply or during rush hour, they may ask for a fixed price before commencing travel.

    A few tips for unmetered journeys: (1) If you live in an expensive hotel, quoting a nearby destination such as a restaurant or shopping mall might save you some money. (2) Once the haggling is done, hop into the taxi, sit back and don't question the driver - the fastest route between two points in Kuala Lumpur is almost never a straight line!