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Flight Time to Bermuda from the UK
Approx 8 Hours

Bermuda (fully, The Bermuda Islands, alias The Somers Isles) is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean, situated around 600 miles (975 km) off the coast of the United States. It consists of around 138 islands, of total area 58.8 square kilometres (27.7 sq. mi). The largest island is where the capital, Hamilton, is located. Bermuda has a thriving economy, with a large financial sector and tourism industry. Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean roughly 580 nautical miles (1074 kilometers) east-southeast of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and roughly 590 nautical miles (1093 kilometers) southeast of Martha's Vinyard. (See map.) There are two incorporated municipalities in Bermuda; the City of Hamilton, and the Town of St. George. There are also a number of localities which are sometimes termed villages, among them Flatts Village, Tucker's Town and Somerset Village. Contrary to common misconception, Bermuda is not located within the tropics. The subtropical, or warm temperate, climate is influenced by the gulf stream. Bermuda has a very humid climate and, as a result, the summer-time heat index can be very high, even when the actual temperature seems moderate. Winters can get decidedly chilly, and the powerful winds and heavy rain mean that the felt temperature can fall below freezing, even though the actual temperature may rarely drop much below 50° F.

Brief History of Bermuda

Bermuda was discovered by the early 1500s, probably in 1503, according to some sources. It was certainly known by 1511, when Peter Martyr published his Legatio Babylonica, which mentioned Bermuda and the island was also included on Spanish charts of this year. The discovery is attributed to a Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermudez. Both Spanish and Portuguese ships used the islands as a replenishment spot for fresh meat and water, but legends of spirits and devils, now thought to have stemmed only from the callings of raucous birds (most likely the Bermuda Petrel) kept them from attempting any permanent settlement.

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Bermuda consists of a chain of some 180 coral islands and islets lying 1046km (650 miles) off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in the Atlantic Ocean. Its coastlines are characterised by small bays with beaches of fine pale pink coral sand and surrounding vivid blue-green waters. Inland is an abundance of subtropical plants and flowers. Hamilton is Bermuda's capital city, situated at the end of Hamilton Harbour on the inner curve of the 'fish hook'.

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After spending 400 years as a British colony, Bermuda is typified by enchanting white-roofed houses with manicured gardens, excellent golf courses, mansions and old forts. Hamilton, the capital, is the heart of Bermuda, while unspoilt St George's, the most interesting for sightseeing,was the island's first capital and is home to the Old State House, Bermuda's oldest building. Take time to see the view of Hamilton Harbour from Fort Hamilton, swim with dolphins at the Royal Naval Dockyard and snorkel in Tobago Bay on St George's.

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Seemingly the victim of as many rumours as its mysterious Triangle, Bermuda isn't what most expect. Yes, it's an island, but it's not in the Caribbean and it's not a wild, exotic kingdom of eternal sunshine and isolated beaches.

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600 miles off the North American coast lies this archipelago of 150 islands and islets. The seven main islands are linked by causeways and bridges and the main town Hamilton, is where you will find a colourful harbour and attractive colonial style buildings.

When you have seen enough of the town's sights, you can relax on the pink sandy beaches or swim in the gleaming turquoise waters. The pretty flowers and trees of the beautiful gardens and parks provide delightful surroundings in which to unwind.

The crystal clear waters of the gulf stream ensure a temperate climate, ideal for those who enjoy walking, sailing or golf. To see the islands at their best, the optimum time to visit is the summer as facilities are more limited in winter.

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Bermuda is the stylish island that's full of easy charm. You'll never forget the idyllic white-roofed pastel houses with their picture-perfect gardens set in a tropical landscape - the former capital, St George, has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. There's plenty to discover here too - including vibrant nightlife, superb restaurants, and more memorable golf courses per square mile than anywhere else on earth.

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Public Holidays in Bermuda
New Year's Day - January 1,2007
New Year's Holiday - January 2,2007
Good Friday - April 13,2007
Easter - April 15,2007
Bermuda Day - May 24 ,2007
Queen's Birthday - June 12,2007
Emancipation Day (Cup Match) - August 3,2007
Somers Day (Cup Match) - August 4,2007
Labour Day - September 4,2007
Remembrance Day - November 13,2007
Christmas Day - December 25,2007
Boxing Day - December 26,2007

Bermuda Visa Requirements
Entry requirements for UK nationals: A valid passport is required by UK nationals. A visa is not required for stays of up to of six months. (Immigration officers will decide on maximum period of stay depending on reason for travel).

Getting Around In Bermuda

The islands benefit from an excellent and frequent bus service, which connects all parts of the islands to Hamilton. The buses are used equally by locals and visitors. When catching a bus look out for the pink and blue painted poles which denote bus stops; pink indicates buses to Hamilton; blue from Hamilton. Note that buses will not accept passengers with significant luggage.

There are also passenger ferries which ply the waters of Hamilton Harbour and the Great Sound, and are a great way of getting to Somerset and the Dockyard. Transportation passes valid on both buses and ferries are available for unlimited use for periods of 1 to 31 days and cost $12.00-$50.00. One bus or ferry trip costs $4.-, ask for a transfer if you must connect to another line.

Taxis are another easy way of getting around the islands. They are available at taxi stands on Front St. in Hamilton, at the major hotels or by phone. All taxis are fitted with a meter and charge $4 for first mile plus $1.40 for each subsequent mile.

Until the arrival of the US military during the second world war, cars were entirely banned from the islands. Even now hire cars are banned, and only residents are permitted to own cars. Motorized bicycles or mopeds are available for hire and heavily used by locals and tourists as well. If you wish to use mopeds, rentals are very common and priced competitively, but beware: "Road Rash" is a very common affliction affecting many tourists. Note that travel is on the left side of the road (opposite to U.S. travel).