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Martinique and the Caribbean

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Flight Time to Martinique from the UK
Approx 9 Hours Including a stop over

Martinique is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a total area of 1,128 km². It is an overseas département (département d'outre-mer, or DOM) of France. Like the other DOMs, Martinique is also one of the 26 régions of France (as a région d'outre-mer), and an integral part of the Republic. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, the currency used is the euro.

Brief History of Martinique

Colonized by France in 1635, the Carib Expulsion occurred in 1660 when the island's indigenous peoples were deported and banned from returning by the French occupying forces. The island has subsequently remained a French possession except for three brief periods of foreign occupation.

From 1635 (arrival of Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc, a French aristocrat who took possession of the island for France) to 1946, Martinique lived as a French colony producing tropical trade goods such as cane sugar, coffee, rum or cocoa. African captives were brought from West Africa to form the slave population who is at the origin of most of today's population.

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Fort-de-France can lay no claim to being the 'Paris of the Caribbean', but the boulangeries, pavement cafes, noisy markets, pissoirs and Parisian boutiques that emerge from the lush vegetation give the impression of a tropical France.

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Public Holidays in Martinique
Mon January 1 - New Year's Day
Mon April 9 - Easter Monday
Tue May 1 - Labour Day
Tue May 8 - Victory Day
Thu May 17 - Ascension Day
Tue May 22 - Slavery Abolition Day
Sat July 14 - National Day
Wed Aug 15 - Assumption Day
November 1 - All Saints' Day
December 25 - Christmas Day

Martinique Visa Requirements
Entry requirements for UK nationals: British nationals must have a valid passport. No visa is required.

Getting Around in Martinique

You can rent a car (for about 60 euros per day) to drive either at the airport or at various car rental agencies located throughout the island. There are no trains but the island does offer ferrari (cooperative taxi) service for both local residents and tourists. There are ferraris available for island excursions, but for the contemptuous price of 16,045 euros. These are available adjacent to the two cruise ports. You can also rent mopeds.

Traffic on the island is very bad especially in Fort-de-France. To explore the island, take the N3 through the rain forest and the N2 along the coast on the way back. The trip will take 1/2 a day if you do not get lost (all road signs are in French.) Drive carefully and go with the flow.