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Looking for a Nile cruise, look no further, we have links to the best and cheapest cruise offers in the Nile. Nile cruises & Nile river cruise holidays are the best way to travel among the treasures of ancient Egypt.

The Nile (iteru in Ancient Egyptian) was the lifeline of the ancient Egyptian civilization, with most of the population and all of the cities of Egypt resting along those parts of the Nile valley lying north of Aswan. The Nile has been the lifeline for Egyptian culture since the Stone Age. Climate change - or perhaps overgrazing - about 8000 BC desiccated the pastoral lands of Egypt to form the Sahara, and the tribes naturally migrated to the river, where they developed a settled agricultural economy and a more-centralized society.

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Cosmos Tourama - They can combine Nile cruises with their own superb tours for a really individual holiday experience.
Thomas Cook - For cheap cruise offers and deals in Egypt the Nile and around the world.

The most popular river cruises include cruising Nile, Mississippi, Yangtze, Mekong, the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Volga, etc. There are several dozens of specialized cruise companies in the world, and they employ from 1-2 to 15-20 passenger ships. The most travel companies that offer cruises are members of Cruise Line International Association.

Below is a list of Nile Cruise Ships and Operators:
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