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Transatlantic crossings are passages of passengers and cargo between North America and Europe. Prior to the 19th century, transatlantic crossings were undertaken in sailing ships, which was a time consuming and often perilous journey. Transatlantic crossings became faster, safer, and more reliable with the advent of steamships. Grand ocean liners began making regularly scheduled crossings, and soon it became a symbol of national and company status to build the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ocean liner for transatlantic crossings. Examples of some famous transatlantic steamships are the RMS Titanic, RMS Queen Mary, SS Normandie, and the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2.

From the 17th century onward, almost all transatlantic crossings bound for North America were destined for New York City. Early transatlantic trade made New York the primary port of North America early on, and as a result New York attracted most future transatlantic cargo and passenger traffic. New York became a world class city and the business capital of the United States. In addition, most transatlantic immigrants arriving in the United States from Europe arrived in New York. As a result, New York was the primary destination for the rich and famous traveling in luxury aboard the transatlantic ocean liners as well as the poor immigrants traveling in the lower decks. Therefore, while transatlantic crossings can occur between any part of North America and Europe, they are almost always assumed to be based out of New York City, unless otherwise stated.

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