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Bulgaria comprises portions of the classical regions of Thrace, Moesia, and Macedonia. The southwest of the country is mountainous and includes the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula, peak Musala at 2925 metres (9,596 ft); the range of the Balkan mountains runs west-east through the middle of the country, north of the famous Rose Valley. Hilly country and plains are found in the southeast, along the Black Sea coast in the east, and along Bulgaria's main river, the Danube in the north. Other major rivers include the Struma and the Maritsa river in the south.

The Bulgarian climate is temperate, with cold, damp winters and hot, dry summers.

The Balkan peninsula derives its name from the Balkan or Stara Planina mountain range which runs through the center of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia.

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Bulgarian is a southern Slavic language, related to Serbian and Russian, so if you know either of these(or another Slavic language), you shouldn't have much problem getting by.Some words or/and phrases might even be understood by Westerners since Bulgarian has a number of loans from other languages(most notably French, German, Russian, Turkish, Italian and increasingly English).

Modern Bulgarian is difficult to Westerners, especially English-speakers, as it has three genders, no infinitive, and articles are appended to the end of either the noun (if no attribute is present) or the first attribute (example: kuche = dog, kucheto = the dog, dobro kuche = good dog, dobroto kuche = the good dog). However it is not more difficult than other Slavic tongues, once you get used to the Cyrillic, an alphabet of which the Bulgarians are justifiably proud (it having been invented by two Bulgarian monks,Cyril and Methodius). Be sure to be in Bulgaria for the celebrations of the "Den na Bukvata" ("Day of the Alphabet").

It is also important to remember the fact that Bulgarians - contrary to most nationalities - shake their head for Yes and nod for No! It is better to rely on the words da for yes and nay for no than on head movements. Other common words are rather long in Bulgarian, so they have borrowed ciao for good-bye and merci for thank you.