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Hungary's landscape consists mostly of the flat to rolling plains of the Carpathian Basin, with hills and lower mountains to the north along the Slovakian border (highest point: the Kkes at 3,327 ft; 1,014 m). Hungary is divided in two by its main waterway, the Danube (Duna); other large rivers include the Tisza and Drva, while the western half contains Lake Balaton, a major body of water. The largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Hvz (Hvz Spa), is located in Hungary. The second largest lake in the Carpathian Basin is Lake Theiss (Tisza-t).

Hungary has a continental climate, with cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm to hot summers. Average annual temperature is 9.7 C (49.5 F). Temperature extremes are about 38 C (100 F) in the summer and -29 C (-20 F) in the winter. Average temperature in the summer is 27 to 32 C (81 to 90 F), and in the winter it is 0 to -15 C (32 to 5 F). The average yearly rainfall is approximately 600 millimetres (24 in). A small, southern region of the country near Pcs enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

The relative isolation of the Carpathian Basin makes it susceptible to droughts and the effects of global warming are already felt. According to popular opinion, and many scientists, in the latest decades the country became drier, as droughts are quite common; and summers became hotter, winters became milder. Because of these reasons snow has become much more rare in the area than before. Popular opinion also states that the four-season system became a two-season system as spring and autumn are getting shorter and shorter, even vanishing some years.

Most of Hungary is covered by agricultural plains, there are but few remnants of its original forests.

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Watch your baggage and pockets, especially when you are traveling by public transports. In large cities (especially Budapest) avoid walking in the night outside main, well-lit roads. There is the danger of pickpockets, and some even slash bags on crowded buses and trains.