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    Holiday Insurance

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    Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover financial and other losses incurred while travelling, either within one's own country, or internationally.

    Travel insurance can usually be arranged at the time of booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip or a more extensive, continuous insurance can be purchased from travel agents, travel insurance companies or directly from travel suppliers such as cruiselines or tour operators.

    The most common risks that are covered by travel insurance are:

  • Cancellation

  • Curtailment

  • Delayed departure

  • Loss, theft or damage to personal possessions and money (including travel documents)

  • Delayed baggage (and emergency replacement of essential items)

  • Medical expenses

  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation

  • Overseas funeral expenses

  • Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit

  • Legal assistance

  • Personal liability and rental car damage excess

  • Loss of income
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    Travel insurance is insurance that is available specifically against travel and holiday related emergencies and expenses. International travellers will almost certainly obtain travel insurance because it covers medical expenses which can cost you a fortune, other travellers may find it useful depending on their needs. If you are a UK citizen and travelling within Europe your medical expenses can be claimed back using an E111 form available from any UK post office.

    The following information describes common items covered by travel insurance policies, and what to check for on your policy.

    With any policy it is important that you read the terms and conditions carefully, and that you review the exclusions (things that the policy definitely does not cover, this is very important).

    Medical expenses coverage
    It is usually the case that whatever standard health insurance you have will only pay claims for medical care in your country of residence (or get an E111 form). Even if your medical care is usually paid for by the NHS, this won't extend to medical costs incurred in other countries outside of Europe. Some countries with national health services (e.g. the UK, Canada and Australia) might have reciprocal agreements with other countries with similar health care systems. However even if a country extends its subsidized medical care to tourists, it may not be up to the standards that you are used to.

    Unless you are covered by a reciprocal arrangement, or your regular health insurance covers international medical expenses, you will have to pay all medical expenses incurred while travelling out of pocket, and in some cases medical care might be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, all international travelers should be certain they have medical coverage via a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses they occur on their trip.

    When considering a travel insurance policy's medical coverage:

    1) Check the precise details of medical care that you will be able to claim for (If you are going skiing you will need a special skiing or snowboarding travel insurance policy which will cost a bit more than a usual policy). If your destination has a tiered health system, for example, public and private hospitals, are you able to use a private hospital? (this is important as you will want the best care possible).
    2) Does your insurer offer 24 hour contact with emergency advice? These hotlines allow an insurer to assess a situation and give some advice about medical care as quickly as possible to you. Your insurer may have local knowledge that you do not have and therefore be able to offer you some advice.
    3) If you take part in any adventure sports or activities like alpine skiing / scuba diving then check your policy for medical coverage related to accidents that happen while you're doing that activity, and whether or not you need any formal training to be insured. If you can't find a general travel insurance policy to cover your activity of choice, you may be able to take out a second policy from an insurer specializing in that activity.
    4) Is there coverage for illnesses that become apparent after your return? If not, will your regular health arrangements cover these illnesses? Most travel policies will allow claims for up to one year from the date of travel. This is reasonable, as malaria (in very rare instances) could take up to a year to cause a fever. Of course, file the claim immediately if you have already been billed by the doctor or hospital.
    5) You may have difficulty obtaining travel insurance if you have high-risk pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, or you may be able to get coverage, but with the pre-existing conditions excluded. Some policies will waive this if you sign up within a short time after booking and paying for your travel (often 24-48 hours, a few up to two weeks). Note that you must disclose any information about your medical history to your insurer when asked, even if you are not seeking coverage for pre-existing conditions; your policy will usually be invalidated if you fail to disclose something.

    Loss, damage and theft
    Some travel insurance policies cover the loss of or theft of your belongings while travelling. In the cases of expensive and easily disposed of items like cameras and laptops, they may cover violent theft or forced entry only. If if you leave your belongings in a room while you duck out, and they are stolen, the cover may be invalid if there was no forced entry. If claiming for theft, you must file a police report about the theft and get documentation, no matter how unlikely it is that the police will take any action. The insurance company will usually not pay your claim without a police report.

    When considering claiming for damage, check the terms carefully: many expensive and fragile items are only covered if damaged while being carried by you. It is very common to exclude any damage done to your belongings if they travel as checked luggage: you must keep them on your person to be covered.

    Stay safe
    Many insurers specifically exclude travel to countries and areas known to be extremely dangerous. As a rough guide, if the US State Department or your own country's government recommends against any travel to a particular country or area, you will find it difficult to get insurance coverage. As always, check the terms carefully, and if travelling to an unstable region, keep an eye on the travel warnings for any updates that might invalidate your insurance.

    Carry copies of your insurance policy and your insurer's contact details with you, and retain a second copy in your luggage. You might also want to leave policy details with travelling companions or relatives or friends at home, since if you are incapacitated someone else will need to deal with your insurance company and may not know who you are insured by, or whether you are insured at all.

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